Sunday, January 20, 2013

Puffball Headband

Hello again.

Today's project is a very simple one. I loom knit a winter headband. 

I used the Knifty knitter flower loom a single small skein of pompom yarn and my loom tool.

The instructions for this are very basic.

 The first thing I did was remove the extra pegs from my loom. With this yarn I only needed 8 of the 12. Different thicknesses of yarn will make for different width in your project. The next headband I will show is going to use 10 of 12 pegs. 

 I worked a few rows before realizing I should probably show the amount of pegs.
The stitch in here is a simple e-wrap stitch. You just take and wrap the yarn fully around the peg from left to right. (start at the left go in front, out the right, around the back and come back out on the right.) At the end of the row (Peg 8) turn your yarn and wrap pegs 7-1.

Knit off. That means you take the bottom strand of yarn and bring it up and over the first strand and off the peg.

Repeat this now by wrapping pegs 2-8 and knitting off. The amount of rows you do depends on how long you want the headband. I recommend if using this type of yarn to make it the exact size you need as the yarn is not very stretchy. 

Now this next part is harder and I am very sorry I did not take any pictures to show how to do it. Look at the bottom of your band. Do you see the loops where your first stitches are? Bring those up through the inside of the loom and put on corresponding pegs. 

Knit off these loops. 

Now for the final set of loops.
The easiest way to remove this kind of yarn is with a crochet hook. Start at which ever end does not have your wrapping yarn and crochet together the loops as you pull them from the pegs. When you get to the last one add one stitch to it and pull the end of your wrapping yarn through. Pull tight. This should leave you with a knot at the end of your seam. 

Now all that is left is to trim the ends of your yarn and try on your new headband.

I hope you learned at least one new trick today. Stay tuned for the next daily craft. I'm thinking it will be something in the kitchen.

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